Darren Isenberg

Darren Isenberg Director, Darren Isenberg Presents

Darren Isenberg is one of Australia's leading corporate MC's and Speakers because, for over 25 years, he has brought warmth, humour and personality into a Conference Room … or Zoom.

He uses the role of MC to help create the ideal educational atmosphere that allows delegates to not only learn more, but also remember for longer.

He is renowned for his terrifically-tailored speaker introductions as well as his razor-sharp, on-message, ad-libbed comments at the end of each presentation, which offer a mix of fascinating facts, witty wordplay and a light sprinkling of refreshing humour … all aimed at helping connect you, the delegate, with the speaker and keeping everyone’s brains fresh and involved.

He is continually amazed that one week he can be working with a client in an industry such as Finance, Medicine and Tourism … and the next be working with Vegetable Growers or Waste Management Consultants … and he is quite humbled by the fact that you are reading his bio in the program as, to be honest, he’s the kind of guy who would probably have glossed over yours.

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