Emma Boucher

Emma Boucher Senior Psychologist Mental Health & Wellbeing HSE Global

With over 20 years in the mental health field with individuals and groups from public and private health, Emma has worked with a variety of organisations including small businesses, large corporations, government departments and educational institutions. Emma has a wealth of experience in providing EAP and CI response services, RTW programs and staff training.  As a Principal Master MHFA instructor, Emma is a passionate advocate for mental health and divides her time between facilitating workshops and clinical work. She is dedicated to assisting organisations to reduce stigma, promote early intervention and enhance recovery of employees experiencing a mental illness.

Emma Boucher, Senior Psychologist Mental Health & Wellbeing, HSE Global.

Emma Boucher has spent almost 25 years working in the mental health field partnering with individuals, groups, and organizations within public and private settings. As a Registered Psychologist, Emma has significant experience within the domains of clinical, occupational, and organisational psychology. She passionate about creating psychological healthy and safe workspaces through promotion of wellbeing practices, management of psychosocial workplace hazards and early intervention to support and empower those experiencing mental illness. Emma draws on her leadership, project management, clinical and organisational experiences to develop and delivery programs tailored to clients’ individual needs.

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