Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor Practice Manager OHYG & IEQ/Mycologist,

Michael Taylor – Practice Manager OHYG & IEQ/Mycologist
Michael Taylor is the practice manager for occupational hygiene and indoor environmental quality with an academic background in public and environmental health, microbial ecology and mycology. He has a research profile in the detection and spread of microbial pathogens in soil, air, water and constructed environments, and extensive experience in the translation of research results into accessible information for stakeholders and peers.
Michael completed his doctoral studies in 2012, and has applied this research for the investigation of water, soil and airborne diseases and creation of risk assessments. He has consulted for and worked collaboratively with large utilities, local governments, statutory authorities, industry and private clients to provide advice on human health risks following exposure to potentially pathogenic microorganisms. He has extensive experience in the detection and quantification of fungi in buildings and their impacts on human health, having co-authored the SafeWorkSA guidance document ‘Understanding and managing occupational health risks from fungal contamination in indoor environments’.
Michael has lectured in environmental health and microbiology at Flinders and Adelaide University and maintains a position as an adjunct academic at Flinders University in the College of Science and Engineering. During the COVID-19 pandemic he has provided interpretation and application of World Health Organisation and Centre for Disease Control documents to provide advice for the safe handling and disinfection of critical medical service supplies, provided recommendations and gap analyses in virus management plans for power utility operators, and advised on suitable and effective cleaning processes with demonstrated anti-viral efficacy.

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