Patrizia Cassaniti

Patrizia Cassaniti Director, Let's Talk about Safety

Patrizia is an International award-winning work health and safety advocate with a compelling and confronting life story. In 2021, she won the Gold Stevie award as Maverick of the year, which recognizes the achievements of female individuals who have affected positive change on their companies and/or industries. Has also been recognized as Top 100 Women in Construction and with the times of COVID -19 lockdowns and online presentations, Patrizia became certified by e-speakers as a Virtual Presenter.

She shares the crucial lessons everyone in construction, manufacturing and engineering need to hear to shift out complacency and create a safe working environment for themselves and all their work mates.

Her devastating story is of a tragedy that was never an accident, but an incident waiting to happen, all because of complacency that took her 18-year-old son’s life.

Be prepared for an emotional and inspiring journey with this powerful and potentially life-saving session where the usual ‘she’ll be right mate’ or 'it won’t happen to me’ situation will make you evaluate your daily work practises and make your family the reason why you work safe every day.

She has had extensive coverage on the media, 60 minutes and Morning shows and has helped develop an App together with SafeWork NSW, that allows workers to speak up anonymously. Her safety advocacy led her to complete a CERT IV in Work Health and Safety to educate herself, so she can reign new laws in her son’s honour, by bringing tougher penalties and greater consequences for unsafe work practices. Her foundation, Touched by Christopher Ltd, raises money to help families who have lost a loved one in construction, financially, so that they can grieve without the everyday burden.

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