Tamsin Simounds

Tamsin Simounds Culture Strategist and Executive Coach

“Inspiring leaders, teams and change-makers to communicate authentically, connect deeply, and activate their human potential”

Tamsin Simounds is an international speaker and respected voice on personal development in the professional world.

Broadly qualified across Health Science, Communications, Organisational Development, Modern Psychology and Neuroscience with a backstory spanning Corporate Healthcare, Big Banks, Social Enterprise and Start Ups, Tamsin is uniquely positioned to uncover the universal truths on what it really takes to activate the hearts and minds of an audience.

Combining her deep understanding of both empathic and strategic techniques, Tamsin continues to impress her audiences by providing them with measurable solutions to their real-world problems.

Tamsin and her team provide consulting services, training and facilitation to embed personal development experiences, leadership development and performance coaching within organisations, leading to measurable retention and performance gains.

She has studied the field of Human Behaviour deeply and extensively, and has written for publications like Thrive Global, Smart Company, Business Chicks, Forbes.com.au and Women’s Agenda. Her authentic presence and love of adventure shines through in her keynotes and workshops, making her a highly sought after contributor for clients like ANZ, Skycity, Grant Thornton, Pickstar and Adelaide University.

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